Kyle’s First Ghost

8:27 – 15:50

    Do, we could have been soulmates. We talked for a few days, multiple times a day. We seemed really interested in each other and we seemed to share mutual excitement for our first date. Well, anyone that watched Do’s segment from Episode 1 knows the conclusion of that story…

    What did I do wrong, Do? It seemed like everything was going so well.

  • You messaged me first.
  • You called me “gorgeous.”
  • I shared pictures and videos of my life with you, to which you responded positively.
  • We made clear, solid plans.

    And then…

  • On the day of our anxiously-awaited date, you decided to stop responding and to never, ever talk to me again.

    Guys, ghosting is pretty fucked up. In fact, we recorded a whole episode dedicated to ghosting. In that episode, we explain that “ghosting” is a blanket term that can refer to a wide spectrum of behavior. If you just stop talking to a boring dude on Tinder, for example, it’s no big deal. But Do: when we had a warm, pleasant conversation that led to concrete plans and then you never even told me why you didn’t want to see me anymore, that was cold.

    I’ll save my full thoughts on ghosting for a later post, because there are a few more interactions to follow that will really help flesh out the reality and brutality of ghosting. Until then, I’m still licking my Do-inflicted wounds and swiping the pain away. #noghost


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